Our Vision

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust's The Life Centre is made possible by the generosity and vision of businessman and philanthropist Ashton Wylie.

Ashton saw the dawning of a new reality, one we are only now just stepping into, where priority is placed upon the spiritual transformation of one’s inner being as the path to wholeness, well-being and joy.

Ashton many times said:

The real frontier that faces us all now, is not outer space, but inner space. Returning to Internal Law (Natural Law) as opposed to External Law.

Higher vibratory orders direct lower vibratory orders, thus for true evolutionary well being on all levels one must first:

Restore the Spirit and the Rest Will Follow

This preventative approach of cultivating the internal conditions required for optimum health and well being incorporates spiritual healing, and nutrition for all dimensions of ourselves as the starting point.

Ashton's primary focus was in the areas of spirituality, personal development and positive relationships; personal, professional and most importantly, the relationship with ourselves and our connection to the Divine.

The Life Centre is therefore multi-dimensional in its focus. It encompasses a beautiful and nurturing environment for the enhancement of nutrition for the Soul, Mind and Body.

In coming to an understanding of one’s purpose on life’s path, in connecting with our innermost core, the barriers, beliefs and programmes obstructing growth and well being are released and replaced by meaning, purpose, a lightness of being and joy.