Adonia Wylie

Dialogue with your Soul, Intuitive Energy Counselling, Pre-Treatment Consultation, Grief Counselling

Note: Remote Viewing may be added to Option two and four and the session will then start 15 minutes later, on site at the Centre.

Option One: Intuitive Energy Counselling

Adonia, possessed of a great love of the Divine, works with Divine energy to first clairvoyantly see what the issues are - Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical. Remote viewing off site - 30mins, she will prepare a report for discussion and resolution during a 45min visit at The Life Centre. Identifying negative/destructive patterns, beliefs held within the field, inherited memory imprints and negative cellular memory, Adonia, with powerful focus, invites the Divine to assist with the clearing and restoration of the entire field.
60mins total, 45mins on site.

Option Two: Dialogue with your Soul

Adonia offers “Dialogue with your Soul”. Broad based Spiritual counselling covering many sources of truth. Bring all your big questions to her for discussion and illumination.

Option Three: Pre-Treatment Consultation

Pre-Treatment Consultation. This appointment includes the following:

  • 15 minutes - remote viewing of the client off site
  • 15 minutes - in The Life Centre discussing with the client the findings of the remote viewing
  • 30 minutes - Devising a detailed plan which may include recommending other practitioners within the centre thus addressing any Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical issues that have been revealed by the above process.

60 mins total, 45mins on site

Option Four: Grief Counselling

Adonia offers Grief Counselling, assisting clients to move with grace and ease through the six classical stages of grieving. Soul retrieval may also be part of this process. She will assist clients to discover the art of “Restoring The Spirit and The Rest Will Follow”, by channelling Divine energy to heal the Spiritual Heart Chakra in order that clients may re-discover balance, meaning, joy and purpose in life.

Option Five: Theraphi Add On

Ask for Adonia's Clairvoyant assistance whilst in the Life Centre's revolutionary Theraphi room.
60 mins

“Spiritual Counselling and energy clearing of negative beliefs enables greater overall well being, with lasting effects.”

Adonia is the author of the book “Power, Our Evolutionary Path to the Divine Creative Field.”

Such is the sharpness of her mind, the focused clarity of her thinking, that it is impossible not to draw the conclusion that she is (in the theosophical sense) a disciple or initiate of a fairly high degree. She is certainly able to deconstruct complex ideas about God, Evolution and the Soul in a clear and constructive way. As coherent and inspired as the ideas are, it is ultimately a book about Love, the Love of Truth.
- Sunday Star-Times.

Adonia Wylie is a Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki Master, Body electronics Practitioner, ThetaHealer® and Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle Counsellor. She is also Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient.

“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see;
the reward for this faith is to see what you believe”.
- St Augustine

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