Aiyanna S. Langemeijer

Holistic Health and Life Coach, Qigong and Ren Xue Teacher and Hypnotherapist.

Are you going through a difficult time in your life and would like support?

Aiyanna offers holistic life and health coaching to help you move out of anxiety, stress and overwhelm into a calm, relaxed and peaceful state. When in this calmer state, it is much easier to gain clarity, to regain trust and to move your life into a positive direction again.

Helping people who are experiencing anxiety is a key focus in Aiyanna’s work. She can help you transform and overcome the underlying causes, so you can live in a much freer way, enabling you to enjoy life again.

“Anxiety can be provoked by many life circumstances, or can be present for no apparent reason. It is hard to live with anxiety and it can be debilitating in daily life. I can help you to become calm, relaxed and will work with you to find inner peace.”

Aiyanna is also well known for her work with people experiencing chronic pain, emotional eating and weight issues, for support during illness and complementary preparation for childbirth.

Aiyanna teaches Personal Life Development, Yuan Gong, Qigong and Ren Xue to groups.

Ren Xue is a Chinese modality which translates as ‘The study of Human Life’. It holds profound wisdom about the core of life, the laws of the universe and the root causes of our problems. Yuan Gong is an integral part of Ren Xue that takes you through important stages of recovery, from increasing energy levels to unblocking the energy flow and restoring wellbeing to organs.

Aiyanna graduated with a MBChB (not currently registered as a Medical Doctor) and BNatMed, Cert. Yuan Qigong Master Teacher and Therapist. Cert. Ren Xue Teacher and Therapist, Cert. Clin. Hypnoth, Cert. Kinesiology, Cert. Life Coach, Registered Natural Health Therapist with IICT, Hypnosis NZ and Ren Xue International.

I have had migraines for the last 6 years for five out of every seven days per week. Aiyanna taught me to go into a very deep meditation, in which I unify my body, mind and energy (Qi). Now, when a migraine comes up and I do this I become much more aware of what is going on. I am now migraine free for the last 2 months. I like to say to all people with headaches and migraines, do try this. My experience is that of all the things that I tried to heal; this has been the most helpful. I feel more powerful and happier because I can help myself.”
- CH

Aiyanna has a gentle approach, with big results. I have obtained great tools to use now and in the future. I always felt safe whilst working with her and I wish I could do this coaching on a continuous basis and look forward to future sessions. Thank you.
- Natalie