Annette Gousmett

Channelled Spiritual Healing, Fascial Release Therapy, Reiki and Colour Therapy, Clairvoyance
Formerly: NZ & AU Osteopath & Cranial Sacral Therapist, NZ Reg Nurse

Annette draws from her extensive orthodox training in health, together with her spirit guides, facilitating each client’s path to wellness, together with their own spiritual team.

In a session, Annette will ask you for your intention behind seeking treatment; what you would like to address, resolve or discover.

First, the client’s spiritual pathway is opened and Chakras are cleared, reconnecting the client’s flow. This is followed by a guided body alignment where some fascial tension is released. Particularly tight areas may also be addressed individually as each holds its own reason for existence as they are actually the body’s attempt to assist and support function.

Colours appear and sift and sort light from dark, as Annette and her client connect with the spirit guides. After each treatment Annette will discuss what the colours mean, the positive and negative challenges that come with each, and what the energy brings in for change.

Annette also works with children using fascial release. Fascial unwinding is achieved via energy passing through Annette’s hands. Tight areas in the body are identified as feelings are channelled through Annette. As the pain, painful situation or feelings are released, the area becomes softer. This therapy may assist to improve coordination, balance and physical performance.

Homeopathic first aid remedies may be used if required to lighten pain, aid release or anxiety.

“Every session is different and often extraordinary.
You will know this is real, from what is revealed in the session.”

Annette believes improvement is possible under the worst of conditions and illnesses. “The body holds the secrets to good health. It is a process of unwinding, acknowledging then releasing and refilling with unconditional love. It is a constant unfolding process that involves self-effort to raise and maintain a higher vibration.”

“I look forward to working with clients as they find their own way back to internal harmony and balance - homeostasis - through self-exploration.”

I was lucky enough to discover Annette a couple of years ago and have had at least a dozen treatments with her. She has become my go-to whenever life throws me a curve ball, when I am in physical pain or when I feel out of balance.

Without fail, Annette has helped me to understand the underlying issues and lessons, to reconnect me with my own guidance system and to restore health and vitality. I cannot thank her enough!

Although she is extremely knowledgeable, gifted and skilled, she is one of the most humble and compassionate healers I have met.

I have experienced exponential grown in every totally unique session, during which Annette has surprised me time and time again with yet another baffling healing or insight. No matter how deep or dark the issue, Annette has always made me feel okay and safe.

- Cathrin