Omeela Naidoo

Energy Sound Frequency Therapy, Truth For Success Etheric Blueprint Process

Omeela is dedicated to assisting clients to create positive change through releasing negative emotions and low frequency energy.

Bringing a unique blend of experience and qualifications, Omeela offers therapies that focus on helping clients engage more profoundly with their true potential, enhancing their self-esteem and relationships.

During an Energy Sound Frequency Therapy session, clients may experience a shift in their mental, physical, and emotional state. Omeela is the only practitioner in New Zealand trained in the Rediscover Yourself LLC method of Sound Healing. This therapy seeks to clear unwanted blocks in the subconscious mind. After a session with Omeela, clients report feeling re-energised and more connected and present.

Omeela also uses the Truth For Success Etheric Blueprint Process. Working with the subconscious, this process brings awareness to the patterns that have been imprinted since conception. These patterns can create our current reality and often no longer serve us. A simple but effective method is used to replace the unhelpful patterns with a more positive blueprint creating greater harmony in daily life.

With additional experience in Emotion Code Technique and gentle body work, Omeela works holistically and intuitively.

“I am excited to share my inner guidance, knowledge and techniques to assist clients to enjoy life with more energy, intuition and harmony”

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