Pauline Baker

Electromagnetic Field Balancing

Pauline Baker is a passionate, experienced practitioner and a highly qualified teacher of Personal Energy Field Balancing; a graceful, empowering, technique which balances the field of energy surrounding the body.

“We have a beautiful field of organised light and energy surrounding our body that holds energetic charges and information about us.”

In her work, Pauline facilitates the release of energy charges that may be holding you back from moving forward. This work can assist you to shift negative patterns in your life, and help you avoid repeating unhelpful relationship issues.

The technique reaches deep into the energy anatomy to bring about a release and balance of old unwanted energy patterns. The release is always determined by the inner wisdom of the individual. The calibrated energy within the field is then available to invest in present events. This intelligent system integrates our history simply and effectively.

Through this beautiful, empowering work, individuals discover more peace, more joy, self esteem grows, relationships improve, clarity around direction in life is enhanced and a desire to express their uniqueness is fostered. At this time of profound and rapid change on the planet there is a need to build inner resilience. Working in this way with the field enables this resilience to build.

Pauline delights in witnessing the shifts and changes that occur within the lives of her clients. It is a joy to observe her clients step into their potential and begin to attract the success they desire.

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