Pauline Baker

Personal Energy Field Balancing

Pauline Baker is a passionate, experienced practitioner and a highly qualified teacher of Personal Energy Field Balancing; a graceful, empowering technique which balances the field of energy surrounding the body.

“We have a beautiful field of organised light and energy surrounding our body that holds energetic charges and information about us.”

In her work, Pauline facilitates the release of energy charges that may be holding you back from moving forward. This work can assist you to shift negative patterns in your life, and help you avoid repeating unhelpful relationship issues.

The work is conducted in four phases and it is not necessary to work with them in order:

Session 1 Balances the energy of the head and heart promoting a sense of ease and well being
Session 2 Releases energy from the past that no longer serves you
Session 3 Promotes the radiating of core energy encouraging the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into daily life
Session 4 Strengthens energy in the front of the field assisting manifestation and promoting the development of personal potential

The overall effect is to clarify and strengthen the foundation of your personal energy field allowing a stronger, clearer, interactive partnership with the universe.

The sessions are also available in the following combinations (90mins)

  • Sessions I and 2
  • Sessions 3 and 4
  • Sessions I and 4

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