Tomomi Kai

Facialist / Massage therapist

With over 14 years of international experience in Japan, Canada, Australia and here in New Zealand, Tomomi has the unique ability to put you into a relaxing trance within minutes with her unique massage style.

During her 2 years study at the KOKUSAI Esthetique training college in Japan, Tomomi gained extensive knowledge in facials, body care, aromatherapy, dermatology, cosmetology, anatomy physiology, nutrition, psychology, personal colours, reflexology and 5 elemental Chinese philosophy.

In the early part of her career, she found massage was her strength, and trained extensively in various massage techniques, Slimming massage, Shiatsu massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage, and Manual Lymphatic drainage. In 2018 her passion brought further study in Thailand where she learned Thai tradition massage and Chi Nei Tsang. From this, Tomomi developed her exceptional and original style.

One of her most advanced skills is in facial massage, Tomomi specialises in facial lymphatic drainage and facial sculpting techniques which soothe and relax your face and soul.

Take a moment for your skin and mind, in the healing hands of the legendary Tomomi. Her treatments are the epitome of relaxation.

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