Vanessa Hackett

Facialist and Reiki Practitioner

Growing up in rural New Zealand, Vanessa developed a strong connection to the rhythms of nature and reverence for natural beauty. She began her career as a Beauty Therapist in 2004 and in 2015 received her Bachelor of Nursing. In 2019 she was introduced to Reiki energy healing and with such profound effects, went on to study her First and Second Degree. Passionate about health and wellbeing, Vanessa alchemizes skincare with self-care and healing.

"My hands, heart, and mind love treating the whole person and every aspect of my treatment is preformed within a meditative and intuitive state. The heart and soul of each experience is to connect you deeply within yourself ~ nurturing your skin, calming your mind and restoring emotional balance."

Each facial experience is curated according to your skin health and emotional well-being. Combining botanical skincare with rejuvenating facial massage and subtle Reiki energy healing.

Energetic Facial

Blending botanical skincare with deeply rejuvenating massage and subtle Reiki energy healing. This 90 minute bespoke offering is your invitation to pause, unwind and connect deeply with yourself.

This facial is designed to harmonises the body's natural healing and regenerative cycles by incorporating warmth, rhythmic breathing, therapeutic touch and lymphatic activation.

We begin by cocooning you into a deep state of relaxation, closing down your eyes and delighting your senses. From there this facial experience is completely customised according to your skin health and emotional well-being.

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