Massage & Bodywork

Our massage treatments have been designed to complement and enhance your healing journey through a nurturing process of touch and response. Our massage treatments can be adapted to each client’s unique needs, physical characteristics, and personality. We massage people, not bodies.

All treatments take place in our beautiful massage room filled with healing crystals to support relaxation, stress reduction and emotional factors which are fundamental to healing dis-ease.

Bespoke Massage [ + ]
Holistic Bodywork [ + ]
Lymphatic drainage massage [ + ]
Micro-Fascial Unwinding [ + ]
Prenatal Massage [ + ]
Skin Retreat Facial [ + ]
Therapeutic Massage [ + ]


* All services provided by The Life Centre are for well being and educational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, prevent disease or other illnesses, heal or cure. Our services do not replace the advice and assistance of your health care provider.