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A revolutionary multi-dimensional approach to well being.
'Restore the spirit and the rest will follow.'

"We are all embedded within a highly intelligent, interactive field; if we are wise, we will choose to consciously interact with it"

About The Life Centre

Our mission is, with compassion and expertise, to empower our clients to embrace a vision of whole health and well being.


We carefully select and offer a range of modalities to provide our clients with the best treatments for their individual well being. 

We look for first causes of dis-ease/dis-order, only considering symptoms as indicators of their deeper cause.

The Life Centre recognises that consciousness is the all-pervasive nature of reality and that we are all multi-dimensional beings. We are each a vibrational spectrum of Soul, Mind, Emotions and Physical Body and all play a part in wholistic health and well being. Addressing all aspects of our being then becomes a natural evolutionary process.

Holistic Health and Well being

Signature Healings

Our talented team of healers offer powerful signature treatments that clear and restore coherence and clarity assisting you to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. 

We carefully select practitioners that complement The Life Centre's values and mission. Read more about our team members and their skills below.

Meet the Team

One to One Sessions

For deep peaceful, replenishment and rejuvenation our talented team of practitioners offer a variety of treatments tailored to your needs, allowing you to experience clearing and balancing of your entire energy field.

The Life Centre is a beautiful, peaceful, hidden oasis located in the heart of Ponsonby. Our tranquil sanctuary is the perfect location for your next workshop, special event, circle, or class.

Venue Hire


The Life Centre totally lives up to its name! When you leave the Life Centre after a session of healing you feel the new life and healing flowing within your body. A team of compassionate healers who work together for your highest and greatest good.


I had the most wonderful experience with Tomomi last week. I had the skin retreat facial and I was sent into an absolute state of bliss. She has magic hands and her presence is so calming.
My skin felt wonderful afterwards.


I am so lucky to have found Jane at the Life Centre. It is such a beautiful place with the most amazing people. Jane in particular is incredible, she is so caring and knowledgeable. Every session I have had with her I have walked away feeling a new sense of calm and with a new tool in my belt to help when those crunchy moments sneak in.


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