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Theraphi is a fabulous tool for those not sure where to start as relaxation and heightened awareness are initiated on the physical, mental and emotional levels with each session addressing that which is most ready to be cleared and healed.

The energy signature of the Theraphi is the energy signature of a healthy, living body. It activates the body’s cellular regeneration system by using powerful bio-active plasma fields and scalar longitudinal wave forms.


Its cell memory negentropic bio-active field also promotes cell memory reversal - assisting cells back to a healthy condition. Negentropy is the opposite of entropy.

  • Access intuitive insights and 'aha' moments

  • Enter a deep relaxing state

  • Feel more energised

  • Allows the cells to hold more light

Key benefits:

Sessions are conducted fully clothed on a treatment table with the device's glass globes positioned at the head and the feet.

Each session and response is individual.


For some the Theraphi experience has been likened to achieving a deep zero point stillness, allowing clients to access their own intuitive insights and “aha” moments.


Theraphi usually generates strong feelings of being energised; metabolism, circulation and sensation may increase.


Others may simply enjoy a deep, relaxing state and most report a lightness of being with enhanced feelings of optimism.

Theraphi, Electromagnetic Field Balancing, Intuitive Energy Sessions



I highly recommend Theraphi to anyone; Maree is amazing and this type of energy and frequency healing is only a net positive for anyone.


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