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The Life Centre's Signature Healings

If you’re here today, it’s likely that you are aware that your being is not as it should be; that you are seeking to feel lighter, clearer, more whole, and with greater alignment. But you are not quite sure how to get there. 

Based on what we are witnessing in the current environment we have carefully channeled and refined the below healing options to assist our clients with;

Burn-out which is playing out at work, home, family in relationships, and life

Being caught in a cycle of unhealthy behaviors - be that in past relationships, poor eating patterns, or trouble sleeping

Feelings of exhaustion and wanting to shut off. Finding it hard to be present

Being unable to achieve your goals and intentions. Lack of motivation and energy

Feeling you don’t know yourself and often feel lost

Feeling disconnected from yourself and not sure what your purpose is

Your whole being feels stuck or blocked

Mental Health concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, feeling lost or dealing with overwhelming emotions

Brain fog and tiredness

Loss of creativity, inspiration, intuition and connection to Source

Our talented team of healers offer powerful therapies that can assist with all of the above.

Restore the Spirit

Restore the Spirit is a spiritual process that aims to completely restore one to one's original clear pure divine light filled blueprint.

Benefits include: clearing brain fog, increased creativity and inspiration, and increased energy.

Restoring Coherence,
Clarity and Calm

RCCC helps to clear harmful, limiting beliefs/programs allowing greater connection to your true self and healing on all levels.


Theraphi is a fabulous tool for those not sure where to start as relaxation and greater awareness are initiated on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with each session addressing that which is most ready to be dealt with.

Theraphi allows the cells to hold more light and benefits include reaching a deep relaxing state and feeling energised.

Not sure where to start?

Book a pre-treatment consultation with one of our practitioners.


During this consultation we will address your whole being on all its many levels and recommend the best course of action to achieve your well being goals.

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