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One to One Sessions

The Life Centre a is nurturing environment offering a haven to surrender, reconnect, restore and rejuvenate. A wide array of complementary, herbal and energy healing modalities has been carefully selected to help you step into your fundamental wholistic self. Whether you are seeking total time-out or an improvement in general health or well being, The Life Centre has an option for you.

Key benefits

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Clearing negative belief systems

  • Letting go of old patterns

  • Replacing fractured energy fields with unified coherent ones

  • Re-connecting to your true self

  • Letting go of pain and grief

  • Restoring mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balance

Energy Healing

Bring your energy field back in balance. This hands-on healing treatment aims to improve the flow of energy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Balancing and clearing stagnated and blocked energies, relieving stress and supporting your body’s innate healing abilities.


In the simplest sense, our naturopathic treatments are 100% personalised to you - your goals, concerns and underlying causes.


Naturopathic treatments are perfect to address imbalances and disorders on all levels of the physical body, mind and spirit.


Our massage and bodywork treatments enhance your healing and are adapted to your unique needs, physical characteristics, and personality. We massage people, not bodies.

Sound Healing

Bathe yourself in the sounds of the Crystal Quartz singing bowls. Their frequency and energy will allow you to stay in a meditative state during the session.


Promotes cleansing, healing, aligning, and balancing of the subtle body energy system; releasing physical, emotional and mental blockages.


I have had several Light Language sessions now with wonderful Jane and I walk away from each one feeling so uplifted in my being and connected to spirit, with a deeper understanding of my personal journey and where I am in it.


I learned about Taku from some friends and was eager to have a session myself. My Multidimensional Energy Session with Taku was truly amazing. The personalized and unique experience help me let go of some things from past lives that I know will turn things around for me now. The building and surrounding gardens are calming and tranquil and I am looking forward to returning for another session. Highly recommend Taku and The Life Center.


Had the most amazing experience that helped me move forward in life. I recommend this service if are feeling not in your body and are wanting to find your inner source.
Great tools provided and great experienced team.


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