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Cell Wellbeing 

Getting a cell wellbeing report is a great way to start your health and wellbeing journey, and to optimise your immunity. 


Our 90-day Optimise Wellness Report is an invaluable tool in assisting you with your dietary and nutritional choices. Being armed with this information can influence your lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions.

Many of our clients pair our cell wellbeing report with a naturopathic consultation which is the perfect way to streamline your journey to improved health and wellbeing.

Key benefits

  • Unlock your epigenetic potential

  • Make dietary and nutritional choices to increase your overall wellbeing

  • Improve  digestion, gut health and circulation

The cell wellbeing service takes just 15 minutes to complete and is non-invasive, safe and natural.

In your cell wellbeing report we will assess:

  • Your epigenetics for vitamins, parasites and viruses, nutrition, toxins, antioxidants, microbiology, minerals, fatty acids and radiation

  • Your system supports will also be assessed, this includes your adrenals, digestions, brain health, circulation and emotions

Your cell wellbeing results report will provide you with a wealth of information, including:

  • A list of food restrictions to leave out for 90 days

  • A list of food additives to avoid

  • A 90-day nutritional plan, including nutrients, water and lifestyle factors

  • Self-check sheets to help you keep on track


Naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist

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