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Restoring Calm, Clarity, and Coherence (RCCC)

  • Have you tried everything, and it feels like nothing is working?

  • Are you stuck or not moving forward with your career, relationship, or path?

  • Do you feel like you have unrelenting negative life patterns or limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

RCCC helps to clear harmful limiting beliefs/programs so you can be in total alignment with healing.

  • Limiting beliefs block our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or energetic flow

  • Limiting beliefs are at the root of much of our physical body dis-ease, as well as the cause of emotional pain and mental ill health

  • These beliefs are often deeply hidden in our subconscious and can hold us back from reaching our full potential

  • Until we clear our limiting beliefs it can often feel we are endlessly repeating the same patterns and behaviours over and over again

Why remove Limiting Beliefs:

Everything is energy, including thoughts and beliefs. We are electrical energy beings and as such, all our thoughts and beliefs are expressed as frequencies.  Their energy expression can be spacious, free-flowing, and dynamic; or, alternatively, dense, constrictive, and rigid.


This process involves two powerful spiritual healers working collaboratively to release the congested and restricted energy of negative limiting beliefs and restoring your entire energy field on all its many levels to the perfect, original and pure creation of the Divine, which is who you are.

A Remote View assessment of your energy field is carried out prior to your appointment (off site) to identify what most needs addressing at that time.

The appointment will start with a brief talk, then you will be settled on the table and enter a deep realm of relaxation, while two spiritual healers use a combination of focused Divine prayer and Source energy to release all that is not serving you,  returning you to your Original Pure, Divine Light-Filled Blueprint.

How RCCC Works

Taku Rodan

Channeller and Energy Healer

Jane Dobson

Energy Healer and Practitioner

Maree Rolton

Theraphi, Electromagnetic Field Balancing, Energy Sessions

Marijana Jovanovic

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist

Brian Berneman

Energy Healer and Practitioner

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