Mission Statement

Our MISSION is, with compassion and expertise, to empower our clients to embrace a vision of whole health and well being.

We look for first causes of dis-ease/dis-order, only considering symptoms as indicators of their deeper cause.

The Life Centre recognises that consciousness is the all-pervasive nature of reality and that we are all multi-dimensional beings. We are each a vibrational spectrum of Soul, Mind, Emotions and Physical Body and all play a part in wholistic health and well being. Addressing all aspects of our being then becomes a natural evolutionary process.

While emphasising our practitioners are merely facilitators, our multi-dimensional wholistic approach and practices aim to guide every client to return to their core; of functioning under their Internal Law, unified with their Soul Field, as opposed to often primarily functioning solely from left-brain law.

Assisting the dynamic process of guiding the client back to their fundamental wholistic nature and soul purpose releases stress, clears negative belief systems, replaces fractured energy fields with unified coherent ones, restores mental, emotional and physical balance and well being.

We support our clients to understand that we each are our Soul’s multi-dimensional expression and are in-formationally related to the entirety of creation. Nothing in the above process is an adding to, but rather a clearing, deleting and releasing, until we approach the Internal Law of the Soul Field. This process is deeply meaningful, rewarding and empowering.