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Kath Kuebler

Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Bodywork

Kath is a bodyworker and massage therapist who is qualified in a range of techniques. At the core of her approach is her deep passion for working with the body’s wisdom. She approaches each session with curiosity about what is being presented and how and why it has manifested.

During a treatment Kath enters a state of deep listening to the physical, emotional, spiritual and ancestral bodies of the client. She works with the client towards releasing anything that may be in the way of a fully functional, empowered body, mind and spirit.

Kath has trained in a variety of techniques including relaxation, deep tissue and holistic massage as well as Shiatsu, Myofascial Release Therapy and Microfascial Unwinding. Each appointment is uniquely tailored to the needs of the client including the preferred type of massage and desired pressure. Clients may choose either a therapeutic massage or a holistic massage (which involves a detailed intuitive assessment and a blend of techniques).

With many years’ experience and a deeply intuitive approach, Kath enjoys working with clients to bring more ease and comfort to their mind, body and spirit.

"Our bodies are the manifested energy of our embodied truth. They are our aerials through which we connect with all there is. I feel deeply humbled and inspired to hold space for the transformation that is possible when we allow simply what is and become one with ourselves again. "

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