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Maree Rolton

Theraphi/Electromagnetic Field Balancing and Intuitive Energy Sessions

Maree offers sessions on the Theraphi device which uses Tesla/Priore technology to create a field around the body, initiating relaxation and heightened awareness on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is a fabulous tool for those not quite sure where to start as each session brings up that which is most ready to be cleared and healed.

Although each session and response is individual, for some the Theraphi experience has been likened to achieving a deep zero point stillness, allowing clients to access their own intuitive insights and “aha” moments. Others may simply enjoy a deep, relaxing state and most report a lightness of being with enhanced feelings of optimism.

Maree has a background and training in energy balancing and intuitive energy techniques including ThetaHealing® and EMF Balancing Work. Calling on the unconditional Love and energy of the Divine, she uses her intuitive skills to tune in during your session allowing her to see the deeper issues and barriers to well being and progress that you may be experiencing. If appropriate, she is then able to follow up with energy balancing sessions using EMF Balancing Work or intuitive based energy sessions exploring limiting programmes and beliefs that no longer serve. An assessment and referral to other practitioners at The Life Centre may also be appropriate.

Maree enjoys the changes and progress she witnesses occurring for her clients and appreciates it is both a privilege and a gift to work with them in this way.

* Theraphi sessions are conducted fully clothed on a treatment table. They are not available to those with pacemakers or metal implants in the body. Further information and protocols will be provided at the time of enquiry.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

For me, the greatest benefit of the Theraphi treatment has been a falling away of subtle resistances to aspects of my life - most noticeably in lifestyle choices.


An analogy of my experience after our session would be along the lines of getting my car back from the garage after a servicing. While it seemed okay driving before the service, the improvement afterwards was significant. The main thing I noticed was an improvement in mental acuity and an alignment of mind/body/spirit. I have also been experiencing a sense of calmness and inner peace.


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