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Our team of practitioners offer a range of facial treatments to offer you the ultimate in relaxation, skin clarity and detoxification.

We use  high performative plant-based products to put you in the ultimate state of bliss and relaxation. Selected products and tailored message are customised to you, your soul and your skin.

Key benefits

  • Ease muscle tension

  • Tone your face line, jawline and cheek bones

  • Boost skin metabolism

  • Detox your skin

  • Improve fluid circulation

  • Decompress and rejuvenate

Skin retreat facial by Tomomi

This dynamic meditative facial treatment is the ultimate in relaxation. Bare hand high-touch techniques provides significant healing both internally and externally. Tomomi customised this facial treatment personally to you and aims to energise and hydrate your skin, as well as removing congestive and  sluggish feelings.


Facialist/Massage therapist


I had the skin retreat facial with Tomomi and I was sent into an absolute state of bliss. She has magic hands and her presence is so calming.


Tomomi's intuitive touch is a gift from the angels. Her facials feel as though she's re-sculpting your face and painting a whole new one.


I had the great pleasure of receiving a facial from Tomomi this week and it was truly divine. I felt so relaxed, warm, calm and cared for.


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