Marijana Jovanovic

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist.
MEnvSci, BNatHerbMed, DipNut

Marijana completed a Bachelor in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and Diploma in Nutrition from Wellpark College. Seeing her own family happy, healthy, performing better, sleeping better and enjoying better relationships motivates her to continuously learn, research, ask questions and challenge ideas so that she can educate others around a natural approach to managing their health. She is most passionate about children’s health and well-being, as well as mothers and mothers-to-be, and helping them overcome challenges with up-to-date research combined with naturopathic wisdom, carefully selected herbal medicine, and practitioner’s only supplements.

The therapeutic relationship between Marijana and her clients has a huge impact on their recovery. Her genuine empathy creates a safe space where you can be open, listen intuitively to yourself, and articulate your challenges honestly. She brings with her a wealth of life and career experience that allows her to connect with a variety of people and situations.

Marijana is here to help you feel more energetic, healthier, happier, more confident and in control of your life. Looking after your wellbeing could be really simple and stress free and Marijana is here to support You!

Our Naturopaths helps you find the underlying cause of the concern. Naturopathy is natural health care that combines naturopathic wisdom and evidence-based science for prevention and treatment of chronic and acute health problems. Whether you are struggling with gut problems, skin conditions, stress, anxiety, allergies or hormonal imbalances. Our naturopathy team is here to help guide you back to your fundamental wholistic nature.

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