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Our holistic body work treatments are designed to assist clients with releasing deeper energetic patterns that have manifested physically.

Kath uses a variety of bodywork modalities to create a deeply grounding, centering, and nurturing experience.

Key benefits:

  • Relieve physical manifestations of emotional or mental concerns

  • Recentering your mind, body and spirit

  • Physical and mental release

  • Self-healing

Sessions are 90 minutes long

Our holistic bodywork session starts with a initial conversation (approx. 30 minutes) to open up the space to enter into a deeper dialogue with the body. This helps you to access information your body holds. 

After this, Kath uses this information to carry out a holistic bodywork session (60-90 minutes, depending on your treatment) that is personalised to the needs of both your mind and your body.

Body listening is a key feature of Kath's holistic bodywork treatments. Deep listening to what the body is carrying provides the space for relief and release, and therefore self-healing.

Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Bodywork


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