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Therapeutic massage

In this treatment, Kath will use techniques from relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release therapy to assist the client's body and mind to unwind.

This treatment is perfect for those looking to address physical pain, longstanding or chronic presentations and recovery from injury.

Key Benefits:

  • Enter a deep state of relaxation

  • Assists the body to draw on its own self-healing abilities

  • Rebalance

  • Recalibrate

  • Injury recovery


Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Bodywork


Facialist/Massage therapist

Beach at Sunset

Kath is the most amazing woman I have ever met! Over 10 years of pain and visiting others, and I have never had an experience quite like Kaths before! She has helped me find peace and raise my aura, whilst releasing all of the tension and pain in my body! She is such a blessing and I will never go anywhere else again!!!


Always a pleasure to meet someone who is genuine about wanting to heal your body. I love Kath, she has helped me heaps to overcome the pains of ageing and advises where she can about good treatments, her suggestions about using tutu for my arthritis was on point. A very lovely lady. Highly recommended


Tomomi is a massage goddess! I have water retention after pregnancy and her lymphatic drainage is magical. She is so lovely and welcoming, and I always leave feeling blissful.


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